Those Hidden Treasures in San Francisco

Living in San Francisco is like a game of Treasure Hunt. You never know what stores & restaurants you might find ( or miss  ) right around corner.

This is a city full of innovation. So NEVER should you judge the book by its cover. No matter how sketchy or unnoticeable an outside of a restaurant might look to you, the food might really really take your soul away.

I am going to periodically update new Hidden Treasures around San Francisco. Stay Tuned 🙂



No need to explain his big name here again. While you might be surprised by the fact that most of the SF locals have never had a chance of tasting the brand because of it’s crazy line.

So the first place of the Hidden Treasures must dedicate to this BOBA GUYS store,  located in the Asian Art Museum’s newly renovated cafe: Sunday At The Museum


A simplistic interior design



The iconic Matcha Latte is a must to order if this is your  first time BOBA GUYS experience.  Unlike every other BOBA GUYS stores in town,  you can taste your milk tea in an authentic asian-style cafe