One day in Milan

There is no a simple answer regarding to the question”How do you like about Italy?” For me, Italy is the place where western art was born, where the fashion is featured and where great food is cooked every minute in every restaurant. Simply put, they produce beautiful things. But as my time (budget) only allowed me to go to one city in Italy before meeting up the boyfriend in Spain, I chose Milan as my gateway to this romantic country.


Milano is a city definitely lives up to her name as THE fashion capital of the world.  I couldn’t find a better word other then “stylish”to describe the
city and the people here. Imaging yourself reading a fashion magazine where models are featuring the most seasonal street-style outfits in the city of Milan–that’s how you’ll feel walking down the streets. People in Milan definitely make priorities, where nice clothes are always on the top of their list.

Regardless of the most unique vibes of Milan, many tourists with a tight schedule/budget actually skip this city, instead visiting other much much more Italian-styled cities like Venice, Rome and Florence. So you’d better be well prepared ,before you get yourself disappointed, Milan is definitely first an European city, and then an Italian city.

In Italians’ mind, Milan is the economic center and the business hub. It has its own personality aside from all the other cities in Italy. It’s a city with multinational firms, fashion schools and tourists from all over the world. It’s a chaos pot. The stereotype of “Italian cities hadn’t changed since Medieval” does not apply here. But just like New York City, interesting things/people/stories happen everyday here. It’s young and fun. So if you can accept what she is, you’ll have the most unique Italy experience here. I promise!

Duomo di Milano


So if you only have one day in Milan, the Cathedral of Milan is the site you can’t possibly miss out. The Milan Duomo is the fifth largest Christian church on earth. Sitting in the city center of Milan, everything else simply radiates out from here. Whether if you are or are not an Architecture fan, the Duomo will not disappoint you by her articulating and splendid design.She can make everyone standing under feel intimidated by her unparalleled power. It took over six hundred years to build(started in 1386), and still not totally finished. It’s simply just amazing.

Traveling tips:

  1. You can easily get to here by subway from the train station. Just get off from the station Duomo by line 1 or line 3.
  2.  The cathedral’s opening hour is 8am-7pm daily. So if you want to avoid the line, you should consider going in the early morning and definitely take the elevator to the rooftop. You will have a breathtaking view of the Milan city from there. The elevator opens at 9am.
  3. Waited either in the morning or late afternoon to be inside of the Cathedral, when the sun can get inside of the church through its glamours colorful glass windows. “Through the sun you can only read the story of the bible.” So wait for the sun!

The Real Italian Food

8e8f207cf05bb8d465f8f39e3e7980b2But of course…. if you are not an arty type of person, they also created another most genuine thing we love–Italian FOOD!!

If you asked an Italian what’s feel like of eating in Italy, he/she might tell you “It’s like an orgasm in your mouth” that’s simply the right attitude when you are in love with your food.

There are a lot of super nice restaurants just around the Deomo so it’s always come in handy in term of food in this country. There’s no bad food in Italy, only good and amazing. But if you want to try something “less tourist”(a.k.a less expensive), you might want to walk a bit further from the city center. And remember, you don’t have to give extra tips for the serving. If the serving is slow, that’s what’s suppose to be in Italy. “When in Rome,do as the Romans do.”

The Cafe Culture

Like the Duomo is a must-to-see, so as the local coffee shops hidden in the streets. Especially in the very early morning, you can experience the most real Italy by fighting your ass off for a cup of Cappuccino with a group of well-dressed Italian who about to go to work. If you want a Latte, ask for a cappuccino. The good thing in Italy is all the coffee are in a set price. An expresso takes less than one Euro and cappuccino is 1.3 Euro. They are the most tasty and affordable coffee you’ll ever have! If you are a huge coffee fan like me, the good news is with this small size you get to experience multiple coffee shops in a roll without any pressure!